There's a Manjaro installation on ZFS that I'd like to chroot into from a rescue system on a USB stick. When booting the rescue system, the ZFS pools are automatically detected and mounted, if possible.

A problem arises when these mounts shadow existing folders, like /tmp, /home or /root. I cannot chroot into the system, because only some pools are mounted. / is not, for example. The solution to

  1. export
  2. import without mount
  3. mount manually in the right order (first root, then everything else on top of it)

does not work, because the export fails: "busy". I can't unmount the folders that are in use.

I'd like to avoid to manually change the mountpoints of the pools to altroot /mnt and change back afterwards. Is there a solution to prevent the auto-mount during boot?

Using 20.2 Nibia.

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