I have this so far. The issue is, if pythoncode.py started before 8*60*60 seconds, then it can still continue running beyond 8*60*60 seconds until it finishes and only then will it stop. I need it to terminate pythoncode.py at exactly (loosely, +- 1 second is not an issue) 8*60*60 seconds even if it is running.

#! /bin/bash

while [ $SECONDS -lt $end ]; do
    python3 /Users/Name/Desktop/pythoncode.py

I'm a beginner so explaining what to do specifically with this example would be appreciated over just a general answer. Thanks and happy new year.


You can call your python script in the background and use sleep function as a timer :

#Execute the script in the background
python3 /Users/Name/Desktop/pythoncode.py & 
#Get its process id
#Wait for the needed period in seconds
sleep "$end"
#Then force the process to be terminated
kill -9 $pypid
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    Would this accomplish the exact same thing? timeout 8h sh -c 'while true; do python3 /Users/Name/Desktop/pythoncode.py; done' – Ardalan Ghazizadeh Jan 2 at 4:31
  • Yes same thing here if you do have timeout installed :) – Reda Salih Jan 2 at 14:27
  • /usr/bin/timeout is in the coreutils package, so most probably it's installed. – glenn jackman Jan 2 at 15:18
  • Great. Thank you! – Ardalan Ghazizadeh Jan 2 at 22:46

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