I created a custom keyboard layout in xkb format to simulate arrow keys and put it in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/custom:

xkb_symbols {

    name[Group1]= "English (US) with Caps mod";
    key <ESC>  {    [   Escape, asciitilde, grave                       ]   };
    key <INS>  {    [   Insert, Insert, Caps_Lock                       ]   };
    key <TAB>  {    [   Tab, ISO_Left_Tab, Menu                         ]   };
    key <AC06> {    [   h, H, Left                                      ]   };
    key <AC07> {    [   j, J, Down                                      ]   };
    key <AC08> {    [   k, K, Up                                        ]   };
    key <AC09> {    [   l, L, Right                                     ]   };

After activating it with: setxkbmap -layout custom -option lv3:caps_switch it works as expected, except for on annoyance: Although I can use Caps+{H,J,K,L} to navigate via the simulated arrow keys, it is not possible to combine it with other modifiers.
For example, the combinations Super+Caps+{H,J,K,L} or Ctrl+Shift+Caps+{H,J,K,L}) just don't work and I have to use the regular arrow keys for those.

Is there a way to get this working or is this a limitation of xkb?

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I wasn't able two get it working with the lv3:caps_switch option. Only after defining a separate two level modifier for caps, the simulated arrow keys worked together with other modifiers such as SUPER.

I have used the de layout as base, but it should work with others as well. Here is my new /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/custom file (setxkbmap -layout custom -variant 5layer to activate):

default partial alphanumeric_keys xkb_symbols "5layer" {

    include "de(basic)"
    include "ansi_hybrid(caps_layer)"
    include "ansi_hybrid(ralt_layers)"


partial modifier_keys xkb_symbols "caps_layer" {
    // caps layer key definitions

    replace key <CAPS> {
        type[Group1] = "TWO_LEVEL",
        symbols[Group1] = [ Overlay1_Enable, Overlay1_Enable ],
        actions[Group1] = [ SetControls(controls=Overlay1),
                            SetControls(controls=Overlay1) ]

    key <LatH> { Overlay1 = <LEFT> };
    key <LatJ> { Overlay1 = <DOWN> };
    key <LatK> { Overlay1 = <UP>   };
    key <LatL> { Overlay1 = <RGHT> };


partial modifier_keys xkb_symbols "ralt_layers" {
    // base, shift, ralt, shift+ralt layers key definitions

    key <CODE> {   [   base, shift, ralt_base, ralt_shift_symbol    ]   };


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