I have a Raspbian buster running on Raspberry Pi 3 model B with SVEN USB2.0 web camera.

My goal is to make a simple meet.jit.si client for my grandparents. The problem is: when Chromium opens the web page, it always sets camera video size to some big value causing 100% CPU load and huge lags in video and audio. To prove that the system can work fine, I tried WebRTC demo from here with following config for getUserMedia:

config = { audio: true, video: { width: {max: 320},
            height: {max: 320}, frameRate: {min: 5, max: 15} } };

and everything worked smoothly.

The question is: is it possible to configure USB webcam driver so that resolution never exceeds 320px and 15fps when used by Chromium?


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