I just purchased a new PC with Windows 10 installed on it. The PC has two SSD cards, one for the Windows and one empty which I want to install Manjaro-Linux on. And load it all with the Dual Boot.

To install Manjaro I'm using a USB. I used Rufus to do so.

I guess the error is due to the GPU. I'm using the RTX 3060ti and for CPU I use i7 10700F. I wrote those in case the problem has to do with either of them...

I must mention that the installation of the Manjaro did work on my previous PC. On my previous PC, I divided my HDD into half and installed Manjaro on the empty half.


If during your installation process you had a working internet connection and flagged install third-party drivers, your GPU should not be a problem.

Take a look if you can switch to a new TTY with alt+F2. If you're able to do so, login and execute journalctl -xe and look for errors.


I was facing the same issue. Rufus showed a few bad blocks in the USB. Changing the USB stick worked for me.


I tried a couple of weeks later, It worked. I believe it has to do with the version I installed and the GPU at the time, it didn't have the graphical support. Now it works.

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