I am running CentOS7 as a VM on Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager 2.2.1) on Ubuntu 20.04.1. On the same Ubuntu machine I am running AnyConnect 4.9.03047 to connect via VPN.

When the VPN is not connected the VM has access to the local network and the internet. But as soon as I connect AnyConnect to the VPN the VM loses connection.

The Virtual Network Interface is configured with the default configuration:
Network source: NAT
Device model: virtio

Is there anything I am missing that would allow network access while VPN is connected?

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By default, the VM on Virtual Machine Manager uses a NAT Virtual Network Interface. I had to switch to a bridged connection in order to gain network access.

Steps to create a bridge connection:

  1. Add Hardware
    • Opens Add New Virtual Hardware
  2. Choose Network
  3. From Network source: choose Host device xyz: macvtap
    • xyz is the device name
  4. The Source mode: will switch to Bridge with a warning message.
  5. Device model: virtio
  6. Deactivate the original default NAT interface.
  7. Start the VM.

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