I'm using neomutt (an updated fork of mutt) as my CLI MUA (read: mail reading software in the terminal) and have all my messages synced offline using isync/mbsync and stored in the maildir-format on my Debian Stable system.

Sometimes I want to reply to a message and attach another email (e.g. as a reference). This can be easily done when using the maildir-storage format since all messages are separate files; I just need to attach the file in my local folder. The problem is that I have difficulties finding the email files.

Obviously I can search through all of my messages (e.g. by using mu, which is my mail indexer) and then attach it, but this is tedious. It would be a lot easier to just display the path and filename somewhere when I read an email, optimally in my pager within neomutt.

But despite looking for a solution, I wasn't able to find that. Any ideas or workarounds?

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I just stumbled onto a solution: before sending the email, instead of pressing a to attach a file you can use A to select a mail folder, then using t to tag one (or multiple) messages and then attach the selected messages using Return.

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