(From the project introduction) "i3blocks executes your command lines and generates a status line from their output."

As per the i3blocks config file, here is the syntax to get the time in the status :

label=any string or glyph 
full_text=any string or glyph 
command=date "+%a, %b %_d %Y %I:%M%P"

And here is how you execute a GUI command on click:

full_text=Click me!

Both work, but how do I combine the two, that is, being able to click on the time to pop up the calendar? I tried this:

full_text=date "+%a, %b %_d %Y %I:%M%P"

But it doesn't work (the date string command is displayed, and gsimplecal gets executed every 5 seconds) so obviously a workaround must be found..?

  • my setup uses the status_command, which involves generating and stream-parsing json. i'd be very interested in a better option as well
    – Fox
    Commented Dec 28, 2020 at 7:05

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I know this is a few months old but i just came across a similar requirement where i want to show the volume in the bar but want to open pavucontrol on click to configure audio settings. This is what i ended up with that works.

command=if [ $button ]; then pavucontrol; else pulseaudio-ctl full-status | awk '{ printf "%i%\n", $1 }'; fi
label=<span color="#ffb86c"> </span>

checking if $button exists (a click) and doing something different, otherwise get the volume (the text that gets placed into the value)

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