I'm using Debian 9 to host a game server. Specifically, I'm hosting about 10 instances of the game Don't Starve Together.

The other day I noticed one of those instances (which was getting a lot of player activity) exhibit performance issues. When I loaded up htop I saw that CPU% was reporting 101% but the bar graphs at the top were not showing any cores at much above 50%.

enter image description here

To my knowledge, CPU% shows a sum of the percentages used of each core by a process, so exceeding 100% is normal and no core being above 50% is also normal (it just means the process is quite multi-threaded), however I believe Don't Starve Together is almost entirely a single-threaded application (with minimal multi threading for networking).

One of the bar graphs at the top should be at least over 90%, but none are. Why isn't one of the bar graphs at the top not over 90%? My processor is an i7-6700K (4 core, 8 thread - spec sheet )

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    Probably not what's happening, but if a program is I/O bound, or network bound, or suffering from lock contention, it may suffer from terrible performance without maxing out a CPU. Dec 28, 2020 at 2:39

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Over time, the operating system schedules threads on different CPU cores, so the 101% reported for your processes are potentially distributed over all 8 bars.


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