So I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on a virtual machine inside Windows 10. A program on Ubuntu needs to have read and write permissions for a folder I mounted via VirtualBox, so I decided to try to chmod the folder. I understand that I can't do that, and have tried sudo setfacl -m /path/to/dir, and got this error: setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 1. Next, I tried sudo setfacl -m u:user:rwx /path/to/dir, and got this error: setfacl: /path/to/dir/: Operation not supported.

I honestly don't know what else to do, these commands are supposed to be correct but they won't work. Am I doing this wrong? Is there another way to do this? I was thinking of just mounting the hard drive on Linux, but I forgot Linux is just a virtual machine so that won't work, and dual booting is not an option for me.


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The first setfacl is wrong. As for the rest acls and Unix modes, are not supported on MS file-systems. Change the permission on the host.

  • Could you explain more about changing the permission on the host? I'm not exactly sure how to do that.
    – botnewb
    Commented Dec 25, 2020 at 18:06
  • @botnewb Sorry that is an MS-Windows question. I don't know ether. From what I remember there is a read-only bit (this is a not-write bit). Then there is a very complex ACL system. Commented Dec 27, 2020 at 15:44

I got my answer!

Since my program had a user, I just added that user to the vboxsf group and solved my problem. No need for chmod.

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