I have a network interface that is configured for static ip address.

When I reboot I have to always open the NetworkManager GUI and click "connect" button.

How do you automatically enable network interface at system startup?

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In the Cinnamon desktop manager:

  • go to the taskbar
  • click on the the networking icon (looks like two plugs about to be connected (think of Michelangelo's creation of Adam but with generic plugs))
  • it brings up a GUI panel right above the taskbar
  • click "network settings"
  • brings up a "Network" dialog
  • click on your network interface
  • click the gear icon
  • brings up a new dialog
  • on the left is a list of text names one should be named "Identity", click on "Identity"
  • on the bottom make sure the "Connect Automatically" checkbox is enabled
  • done
  • bonus: restart and verify the network interface comes up after a restart

The command line method:

unfortunately these changes are not reflected in the GUI for some reason. so i do not trust this method so much and again this method depends on the deprecated ifconfig tools/methods. this might work but might not. the GUI method does change the value in this file so there's that.

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