The command below works nicely and puts "Hello from Docker." to out.txt

docker run -it --rm ubuntu echo "Hello from Docker." >> /home/ubuntu/out.txt``

Then when I open "sudo crontab -e" and put their line below, I am getting empty out.txt

* * * * *  docker run -it --rm ubuntu echo "Hello from Docker." >> /home/ubuntu/out.txt

Command below works and puts docker version into out.txt

* * * * *  docker -v >> /home/ubuntu/out.txt

from what I see "docker run" does not work for me from cron, and gives me no error/output. Do you have a clue why?

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Try without options -it these are for interactive terminal. But you are using in a script with no terminal, no interaction.


Try with user root on crontab, the command will be:

* * * * * root docker run ....

  • thank you, i tried, no effect, i already was running that as root. because i am configuring cron with "sudo crontab -e", that runs it as root Dec 19, 2020 at 23:20

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