After I implemented an improvised solution to a lack of storage space by moving /var/lib/docker (despite not having docker installed anymore) to another partition, I ran out of root partition disk space again because of a large konsole-...history file.

What could have caused this and how to find out? I deleted the file which was about the size of the moved /var/lib/docker directory which was several GB in size.

Furthermore, the GBs of disk space are still not feed up even though I selected "Delete" and not "Move to Trash" and I don't know why that is. (It's still not cleared after waiting a while and trying to clear memory, cache, free disk space and temporary files with BleachBit. I can run the command sudo du -a / --exclude=/media --exclude=/proc --exclude=/home | sort -n -r | head -n 100 again as I cleared some MB worth of disk space).

I'm using Debian10/KDE.

Update: maybe it's possible to limit konsole-...history filesizes? I found that an open instance of the konsole caused the lack of storage space (due to a large /proc/pid/task/pid/fd file in /proc) even if no command is run in its tabs - I had to close the konsole window and several GBs of disk space were freed up.

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