I'm looking at snapshot.debian.org, and I'd like to find some metadata for some packages on a certain day of 2020. Say, for example, that I want the metadata for buster on Nov. 1 2020. Where do I find the "Packages" file that holds the metadata that I would have gotten, had I run apt-get update on that date?

The search functions are quite nice for finding packages, but I don't see any mention of the Release/Packages files.


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Look up the month you’re interested in, pick one of the snapshots for the given day, and either use that as a deb line or go hunting for the relevant metadata. For example, you’ll find the Release files for the last Bullseye on November 1st here, and the corresponding Package files for amd64 in main here.

deb     https://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20201101T210343Z/ bullseye main

will allow apt to retrieve and use that metadata.

(See the “Usage” section on the main snapshot.debian.org page for details.)

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