I have a bootable usb flash drive with grub2 handling booting of ISOs (mostly different spins of Ubuntu). I am editing the menu.cfg myself and have my own script to update grub because I don't want to waste time using external tools.

I would like to hide 64-bit ISOs on a 32-bit system, so that I can't make the mistake of trying to boot an incompatible ISO.

Is it possible for grub2 to detect whether the processor is x64 or i386 and display a different menu (or preferably enable/disable some menu options) accordingly?

Edit: I'm aware of the grub2 CLI command cpuid -l, to check for long mode, but I'm not sure if or how that can be used in menu.cfg.


Remove only the menu entries (leaving all the config stuff at the top) and put them into two different files, one for 64-bit and one for 32-bit. Then, add code like below into the main menu.cfg to load the appropriate menu file for the system.

if cpuid -l; then
    configfile /boot/grub/grub-amd64.cfg
    configfile /boot/grub/grub-i386.cfg

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