I'm an amateur radio operator, and I use a software package called WSJT-X to connect my computer to my radio to operate it using what we call "digital modes". This works by sending audio signals from the speaker output of a USB sound card to my radio, and reading audio signals from the microphone input on that same card. Because I am lazy, and my nice TV with the nice speakers and comfy couch is upstairs, but my computer and radio are downstairs, I'd like to run WSTJ-X from my laptop upstairs. I know that it's possible to use PulseAudio as a remote audio sink, but is it possible to use it as a remote source as well?

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Yes, you can (this is an example of something you can do):

How can I use PulseAudio to share a single LINE-IN/MIC jack on the entire LAN?

On the sender side simply load the RTP sender module:

load-module module-rtp-send

On the reciever sides, create an RTP source:

load-module module-null-sink sink_name=rtp load-module module-rtp-recv sink=rtp set-default-source rtp_monitor

Now the audio data will be available from the default source rtp_monitor.

This can help you with the setup. You will have to add both the input sink and the output one.

You might also want to read How to set up PulseAudio remote properly and securely?.

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