Sometimes (rather rarely) when I boot up my laptop, my Gnome3 desktop stops loading. I can move the mouse, but there's nothing else on the screen (except my wallpaper). And it seems that no matter how long I wait, the gnome menubar (the thingie with the Activities and shutdown buttons at the top of the screen) just refuses to load.

Also my processor-usage starts to converge to 100% on all four cores, when this happens.

This problem can be easily solved by restarting gdm3, but it's still annoying and I have no clue why this might happen.

My system uses the standard gnome metapackage from the wheezy repo. (It might or might not be relevant.)

I have no clue what causes this so any ideas are welcome.

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This appears to be issues with gnome-shell at various times across multiple distros (Red Hat for example).

Your best bet would be to browse and file a bug in Debian BTS, including relevant output from strace, top, etc. Note that Debian 6 is still the Stable release and Debian 7 is Testing. Your help reporting and tracking the issue in BTS will help make the release more stable.

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