I am quite satisfied with the Evolution Mail and Calendar in my xubuntu computer. However, I am missing a feature: a search over the whole year, or even better, over the whole calendar.

For example, if I want to search for the deadlines to renew or cancel subscriptions, I would search "subscription" in the calendar. Sadly, that works only for the current selected month. I do not know, whether I am missing something or the feature is not present. So my question is following:

Is it possible to search the calendar for appointments in a whole year (or longer!)? Or maybe I should ask: Can I have a whole year view to search in it? Thanks!

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Show Active Appointments that's the solution! You can choose it in Show options (See picture). Then you will see a list of all future appointments in the selected calender.

enter image description here

Strangely enough, the option Any Category shows only the appointments in the chosen time window (i.e., week or month) but not all of them.

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