I am trying to run rsync command to copy diff of files. I am using cygwin as I am on windows OS, Rsync goes in hang state when I try to run it, this is what the screen looks like

$ rsync -avh data/pharma.mp4 rohit@
rohit@'s password: abc123

I am able to run ssh from cygwin. Also, A thing to notice is that, the password shows in the screen, unlike in ssh, when the password in hidden.

Also when I do ctrl+c to exit from rsync, I get the following output

$ abc123
-bash: abc123: command not found
  • Something's up with the entering of the password. It should never show up on the screen as you type it. This probably means that it's never even getting to rsync. I don't unfortunately have access to a system with Cygwin...
    – Kusalananda
    Nov 26 '20 at 16:17
  1. Don't run rsync (or any Cygwin commands, for that matter) from CMD or Powershell. Run it from the Cygwin terminal

  2. Ensure you have Cygwin's ssh installed and in the PATH ahead of any Windows directories. Otherwise you'll end up using Cygwin's rsync with Microsoft's ssh, and that's not a happy combination. (Check which version of ssh with type ssh and looking to see which directory it's in)

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