I have subdirectories named as dates like 09 January 2020. I renamed all the directories to replace spaces with hyphens using the terminal command:

$ for i in *; do mv "$i" "`echo $i | sed -e 's, ,-,g'`"; done

Now I get subdirectories named as 09-January-2020.
I want to reverse the date order and get subdirectories named as 2020-January-09. I want to use the same for-loop as above but different sed command to reverse the order of date format in the name of subdirectories.


Using sed to create the new names for your directories:

for d in *; do
    echo mv -- "$d" "$(echo "$d" | sed -E 's/(.*)-(.*)-(.*)/\3-\2-\1/')"

The matched parts inside parentheses are being reused into the replacement in reversed order. Remove the first echo after testing.

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