Recently I have installed Fedora 33-workstation on my machine. The first thing I was noticed was about hostname in the terminal. It is shown as myname@dhcppc2. I was wondering why dhcppc2? After running hostnamectl status | grep hostname, I figured out that my system is using transient hostname, as the output was:

Static hostname: localhost.localdomain
Transient hostname: dhcppc2

Based on my prior experiences, I used to see static hostname in the terminal. Also I thought that systemd determines the hostname if /etc/hostname is unavailable, but in my system running cat /etc/hostname shows localhost.localdomain.

Would you please let me know that why my system is using transient hostname and how can I use static hostname rather than the transient one?

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Disable DHCP for changing your hostname ; append the above to dhcpcd.conf:

nohook hostname

Then set a permanent hostname entry :

hostnamectl set-hostname --static "<hostname>"

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