I'm very interested in moving from my Mac to a Linux system. The main barrier is my dependence on Jason Rudolph's Keyboard. Specifically, I need an equivalent to (S)uper (D)uper Mode. Super Duper activates vim-like keybindings when the keys "s" and "d" are pressed simultaneously. So j becomes ⬇️ and k becomes ⬆️. Is there anything like this built for linux?

After doing some research, I found XCAPE and caps2esc for remapping caps-lock. I also found this post about a hammerspoon equivalent. I have yet to find anything that implements Super Duper like functionality.

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    You will probably have to explain more what it is. Must people here will not have heard of it. But may may be able to answer the question if they knew what it is. Commented Nov 16, 2020 at 20:32

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I've been searching for this for many years an finally found a solution. It's based in this answer. On Arch Linux I had to install interception tools, and it seems to be available in most distros. Once that is done, I cloned down the chorded keymap plugin, created a basic systemd service to run it as root and now I have Super Duper mode!

My systemd service which I stored at /etc/systemd/system/super-duper.service

Description=Service to enable super duper mode

My little run.sh script - note your keyboard might have a different DEVNODE:


export DEVNODE=/dev/input/event4

intercept -g $DEVNODE | python /home/vik/dotfiles/chorded_keymap/chorded_keymap.py | uinput -d $DEVNODE

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