My computer complained about no space left on device. I used du -hs * | sort -h to identify the biggest folders and kept going down the tree. I then found multiple directories I've been recently scp-ing to, all following this patten:

(base) user@computer:pathtodir$ du -hs
3.4G    .
(base) user@computer:pathtodir$ du * -hs
217M    checkpoint.pth.tar
127K    code
835     log.txt

From what I understand, these numbers should be adding to the same, yet there are 3.1G missing. I do not expect much to be within the code folder nor other files. The checkpoint.pth.tar file has been scp-ed with multiple versions on top of each other.


Apparently, I was missing the dotfiles, I should have also done du -hs .[^.]* instead to find them.

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    ... or shopt -s dotglob followed by your original du -hs * (note that options come before operands). – Kusalananda Nov 16 '20 at 7:56

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