On my Debian Buster I have a Samba share that works fine from both Windows and Linux clients. I've configured the Samba with min protocol = SMB2 in smb.conf and with local user/password authentication (no AD).

But I'm not able to connect to the share from neither my Brother network document-scanner nor my HP MFP (using CIFS). These devices connect fine to shares on Windows computers where SMBv1 is disabled (I assume SMBv2 must be used then).

If I remark min protocol = SMB2 on my Samba server they connect fine! Can it be anything else than a bad SMBv2 implementation on the devices? A firmware update to the HP printer didn't solve the problem.

Any suggestions are welcome :-)


I started to read the smbd manual now :-/

I increased the log-level using log level = 5 in smb.conf, remarked n protocol = SMB2 and then did a scan-session. I can see in the log for the session (/var/log/samba/log. that it is actually using smb2_02. So I just need to dig a little more so see why it goes wrong when setting the mininum protocal level.

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The manual says

By default SMB2 selects the SMB2_10 variant.

And I can see my HP MFP sent the request Requested protocol [SMB 2.002]

So I just had to use this option instead: server min protocol = SMB2_02

(FYI min protocol is a synonym of server min protocol)

And my Brother 2600W documents scanner is also using SMB 2.02 so it's also working now :-)

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