Heyo all,

I've recently been working on a small side project regarding a custom Linux distro, not with the LFS instructions. Currently, I'm compiling a cross-compiler for gcc. Anyways, I get this error when I make:

configure: error: libmpfr not found or uses a different ABI (including static vs shared).
Makefile:5730: recipe for target 'configure-mpc' failed
make: *** [configure-mpc] Error 1

UPDATE: I installed mpfr via apt on that machine, which now gives me a slightly different error:

checking for recent MPFR... no
configure: error: MPFR version >= 4.1.0 required
Makefile:5730: recipe for target 'configure-mpc' failed
make: *** [configure-mpc] Error 1
handy/install: line 276: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc: command not found

Strange thing is, the mpfr tarball that it should be using is 4.1.0... I don't think the apt package is >= 4.1.0, and not sure how to throw it up to 4.1.0.

You can find my script here, Static GCC starts at Line 239.

I've done some research, but can't seem to find much. I was able to find someone mention that switching distros worked, and then that it was their MPFR version that wasn't working.

This one is compiling on Ubuntu WSL @ Windows because my laptop is faster - if needed, I'll be compiling this on my PC @ Gentoo soon.

My MPFR version is 4.1.0, GCC version 10.2.0.

Why is this happening? Cheers, Bobbbay

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I assume you're following the Linux Journal guide - and the solution for me was to install libmpfr-dev from apt-get or your distribution's package manager. I think it happens because the hierarchy was changed or something like that.

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