I have 3 config files: .bashrc sources .bashrc_common, and .profile sources .bashrc. Unfortunately, upon login to Gnome I get an error message saying that in .bashrc command foo was not found. But if foo is defined in a file sourced by .bashrc, why would it not be found?

# .profile

if [ -f "$HOME/.bashrc" ]; then
    . "$HOME/.bashrc"
# .bashrc_common

function foo {
    echo "foo $1"

# .bashrc

source $HOME/.bashrc_common
foo "hello"

Note that foo is available just fine everywhere in my terminal bash shells, it's just the Ubuntu login that is throwing the error.

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The file I was sourcing from .bashrc had an explicit guard that prevented it from running when invoked non-interactively. The moral of the story is -- if you encounter issues with config files launched by Gnome, double-check that they don't have any explicit "only run in interactive shells" checks.


I think your GNOME is running a login shell instead of an interactive non-login shell reason why your bashrc is not sourced.

Just append to the end of bash_login the following :

source ~/.bashrc

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