I have 3 scripts that send some metrics:

  • script1.sh takes ~1s to execute
  • script2.sh takes ~10s to execute
  • script3.sh takes ~2min to execute

I want to send metrics from script1.sh and script2.sh every ~30s and from script3.sh as soon as possible (there can be only one instance of this script running at a time). In other words, to parallelize 3 while loops:


while true; do
    sleep 30

while true; do
    sleep 20

while true; do

How do I achieve this?


Untested, but try running each loop in a separate backgrounded subshell

( while true; do ./script1.sh; sleep 30; done ) &
( while true; do ./script2.sh; sleep 20; done ) &
( while true; do ./script3.sh;           done ) &
  • Thanks, I didn't think about spawning subshells. Will remember this one :)
    – SantaXL
    Nov 12 '20 at 19:45

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