I understand how to ignore packages in pacman by editing the pacman.conf and addeding packages to the ignore list. My question is what packages do I need to include?

I use Apache and mod-PHP on my webserver running WordPress. I don't trust that WordPress and all my plugins will be updated to PHP 8 anytime soon. So I would like to continue to update my websever with the exception of PHP.

Can I ignore php*? Can wildcards be used? Do I need to specify each package? so PHP, php-gd, etc.

Do you know which packages I absolutely must include for php to not upgrade yet continue to work?

I feel that I need to do more than just not update php specifically.

Thank you.

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from documentation

Add package name to IgnorePkg line of /etc/pacman.conf file.

IgnorePkg = package1 package2

It will forbid pacman --sysupgrade install updates for the selected packages.

Change or #comment the addresses of the mirror-list repositories in which pacman searches for programs in:

nano /etc/pacman.conf

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