When Starting Fedora linux after uninstalling / removing Cinnamon Desktop Environment I got login screen but after trying to log in I got black screen in Gnome and KDE .

After that I tried to go in tty and try to issue any command but , I got this dnf command not found , ls command not found message / error .

SCREENSHOT no command found fedora

But When I was First Rebooted My PC after removing Cinnamon Desktop Environment , I just entered in Gnome , But only some 5-6 software like chrome were available and software like settings , nautilus , terminal were not available . But now Gnome or any desktop environment is only showing the black screen .

And Currently Cinnamon Flavour is available, even after deleting it .


Cinnamon available after deleting it

I browsed on internet but i didn't found solution .

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Looks like your profile is busted. Login under root and create a new user account. Copy/move your old data from the old user to the new one.

If you don't remember root password reboot and add init=/bin/bash as a kernel command line argument, issue passwd, set a new root password, run sync and then reboot.

Alternatively, do this in a terminal (granted you're in your user directory - check using pwd - you should see something like /home/username):

/bin/mkdir BACKUP
/bin/mv * .* BACKUP
/bin/cp -a /etc/skel/* .

Now you must be able to login into your graphical DEs.

  • Actually it was happend because I changed my profile , later on i just revert the changes that I did on my profile and everything was ok . Commented Nov 14, 2020 at 8:18

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