Running Pop-os 20.04 on an m.2 drive with full disk encryption. Needed to move to a computer that does not allow an m.2 and I wanted to get rid of encryption. Formatted a new SSD with Pop-os 20.04 (no encryption). Copied contents of /home to SSD and then used Aptik to restore software. I also have rEFInd in EFI.

On different computers I get different results. One PC goes through setup but hangs for 1 minute 30 seconds trying to find encrypted drive (which is no there). I note in bootup that there are calls to systemd-cryptsetup.

How can I remove the systemd-cryptsetup phase since obviously, there is no encrypted drive?

  • Addendum: All computers hang for exactly 1 minute 39 seconds. There is a line that says: "Cryptography setup for cryptswap" although there is no encrypted drive. – Big Bob Nov 10 '20 at 16:48

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