I'm using the Dvorak keyboard layout and KDE Plasma desktop on X11.

Some applications are designed around the Qwerty layout. For example many games use ASDW for the movements.

If I switch to the US Qwerty layout, using the KDE settings, some games keep seeing the Dvorak layout so I cannot move around easily.

  • What's happening?
  • How can I use the Qwerty layouts with those games?

I noticed similar behaviors on other systems too. My friend uses Qwerty on Gnome3 on Wayland. If I switch to the Dvorak layout, I can write in Dvorak, but his browser's control keys still expect Qwerty: I need to press ctrl+qwertyT instead of ctrl+dvorakT to open a new tab.

What's happening there?

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I have not seen this problem, but I don't play many games.

Some things to check

Check the setting for whether the keyboard layout if per window, per application, per desktop, or global. I have mine set to global, as it is less confusing, as I only switch to querty, if I have someone type for me (pair programming, etc). Per window or per application may make sense for your scenario. However I would try to get it to work with global first.

Add the keyboard layout indicator in the tray, so that you can see what layout is active.

  • The Switching Policy is global. And I am using the Keyboard Indicator in the System Tray to switch keyboard. Switching keyboard works in normal applications, but not in all of them, for examples some games.
    – dvorky
    Commented Nov 9, 2020 at 16:50
  • Does it make a difference what layout is active when the game starts? Commented Nov 9, 2020 at 17:37

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