Below command creates a port listener:

nc –l 5500 &

as shown below:

[root@xyz ~]# netstat -anlp | grep 5500
tcp       0     0     *                   LISTEN

I would like to create 100 port listeners.

But below syntax:

 $ for i in {10000..10100}; do nc -l $i &; done

gives error:

 bash: syntax error near unexpected token `;'

  1. How to create n port listeners, just for testing?

  2. How to delete those port listeners, after completion of testing?


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As mentioned in the chat, the & is a statement terminator, just like ;, so the ; before done shouldn't be there:

for i in {10000..10100}; do nc -l "$i" & done


for i in {10000..10100}; do
    nc -l "$i" &

You may kill all your nc processes using pkill nc.

Alternatively, save the PIDs of each nc process in an array and kill them using this array:

for i in {10000..10100}; do
    nc -l "$i" & pids+=("$!")


kill "${pids[@]}"

This obviously assumes that none of the nc commands' PIDs have been recycled for other processes.

As roaima points out in comments, the brace expansion {10000..10100} expands to 101 numbers, not 100.


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