I have a Ubuntu 20.04 VM running on Virtual Box. I'm trying to install Splint on this VM following the instructions on the website (http://splint.org/linux.html).

Point 5 of the instructions says to run make install. When I run it I obtain an error:

$ make install
cd . && /bin/bash /home/user/Downloads/splint-3.1.1/config/missing --run aclocal-1.6 
/home/user/Downloads/splint-3.1.1/config/missing: line 46: aclocal-1.6: command not found
WARNING: `aclocal-1.6' is needed, and you do not seem to have it handy on your
         system.  You might have modified some files without having the
         proper tools for further handling them.  Check the `README' file,
         it often tells you about the needed prerequirements for installing
         this package.  You may also peek at any GNU archive site, in case
         some other package would contain this missing `aclocal-1.6' program.
make: *** [Makefile:138: aclocal.m4] Error 1

I tried to solve this problem following this answer on Stack Overflow, without success. Then I removed the VM, created a new one and restarted the installation process till point 5, so the actual VM is clean.

Any idea on how to solve the problem?

  • Is the automake package installed on your system? – steeldriver Nov 4 '20 at 15:48
  • @steeldriver No, should I install it? – Francesco Lucianò Nov 4 '20 at 16:48
  • I believe it should contain the requested aclocal-1.16 so yes I suggest installing it – steeldriver Nov 4 '20 at 16:53
  • @steeldriver I installed it, still the same error – Francesco Lucianò Nov 4 '20 at 16:58
  • Did you re-run ./configure after installing the package? or just jump straight to make install? – steeldriver Nov 4 '20 at 17:09

I finally discovered I could also use apt install splint, and this worked without problems. Probably there's something wrong with the archive they provide, I wasn't able to complete the installation process following the instructions in the official webpage.

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