I'm trying to do some enumeration on the kioptrix vm from vulnhub and failing to list available shares using smbclient. According to nmap tcp/139 is open. I've used metasploits auxiliary smb_version module and it looks like the Samba version is 2.2.1a. When I try to connect smbclient -L //x.x.x.x I get the error protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT.

So I connected back with Wireshark running and it looks like that smbclient is not advertising the particular dialect (2.2.1a) if i understand correctly, hence the connection is not established.

enter image description here

In this post https://www.reddit.com/r/oscp/comments/fg956k/kali2020_htb_smbclient_protocol_negotiation/ it was recommended to add NT1 (smb version 1) as the minimum supported version but that's not how you would enumerate a target. Are there any reasons why the particular dialect would not be included in smbclient or am I simply wrrong here ?

Thanks !

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If you are using Kali Linux, edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and add the following under global:

client min protocol = CORE
client max protocol = SMB3

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