I want to add my printer, HP Laserjet Professional M1136 MFP, to CUPS utility on raspberry pi with raspian OS. I have got the relevant printer driver for debian OS from HP website which is a file with .run extension (hplip-3.20.9.run). But I need to provide a PPD file to the CUPS utility. How to generate the PPD file for this purpose?

Note: moving this question from www.askubuntu.com. There was one answer already provided, which I am pasting below:

try sudo apt-get install hpijs-ppds or sudo apt-get install hp-ppd

I just use the to config my printers and I don't use HP, so I don't know if these will automatically get populated in your tool.

But I usually end up going through this because my (ubuntu)raspberry pi > cups' driver selection is not filled out with all the drivers I need... > I think also I add foomatic and one other that escapes me (maybe openprinting), until I eventually get what I need...

I generally have to something like apt-cache search ppd or apt-cache search cups to search what is available.

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You could find a PPD file from the HP website and install it, but you can usually find what you need with debian.

I use the hplip package on Debian with my HP printer. hplip depends on packages such as cups, printer-driver-hpcups and cupsfilters which provide the /usr/share/ppd/ ppd files.

To configure:

sudo apt install hplip
sudo hp-setup

man hp-setup for some help if you need it.

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