I've recently change OS, from Windows to Linux Mint.
Everything went great so far, but the Razer Synapse software that handles all the settings of my mouse isn't compatible on Linux. I quickly discovered OpenRazer, and luckly my mouse is in the supported device section. I tried to install it along with Polychromatic, but when I open it, it gives me an error, saying the mouse is detected, but not recognized. I tried other solutions aswell, but with no success.
I want to just modify the DPI of my mouse, how can I do it in Linux Mint? Is there a way to store the DPI setting in the mouse itself?

  • Please provide logs
    – mattia.b89
    Nov 4, 2020 at 20:01

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Other than OpenRazer you can try with razercfg tool, predecessor of the former

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