I am attempting to do copy a file (or rename a file) by running the script with flags/parameters to give both the source and the destination file name:


while getopts s:d flag
        case "${flag}" in
                s) copy_source=${OPTARG};;
                d) copy_dest=${OPTARG};;

echo "Copy a file input with argument to another file input with argument"
cp $copy_source $copy_dest

The output is an error:

sh test_cp.sh -s  file1.txt -d file2.txt
Copy a file input with argument to another file input with argument
cp: missing destination file operand after ‘file1.txt’
Try 'cp --help' for more information.

Does cp (and mv) not accept parametrized destination? What am I doing wrong?


You are missing the mandatory : after the d in your while getopts line if the -d is to accept a parameter. Therefore your copy_dest is empty, and hence cp complains about the "missing operand". If you add "debug" lines such as

echo "Source parameter: $copy_source"
echo "Destination parameter: $copy_dest"

after your loop, you will see the problem. To solve, simply add the ::

while getopts s:d: flag

Also, please note that in particular when dealing with filenames, you should always quote shell variables, as in

cp "$copy_source" "$copy_dest"

In addition, be aware that running a script as

sh test_cp.sh

will override the shebang-line #!/bin/bash and you cannot be sure that it is run under bash! If you want to ensure the correct shell is being used, you could either explicitly state

bash test_cp.sh arguments

or make the script file executable and run it as

./test_cp.sh arguments

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