little background:

I had some processes on a machine with 128GB memory that reported python memory allocation errors (the machine ran out of memory). My code only uses like 1-3GB memory... so I should not be getting these sorts of python memory allocation errors.

So I wanted to look into the memory usage by looking at memory usage over time with a chart.

  • look for when the machine uses up all of it's memory
  • is it sudden or gradual (maybe memory leak)
  • look for trends that happen over time... (maybe it always happens once a day at the same time)

I got gkrellm and was excited to use it. It has great cpu, networking, disk charts. But for some reason the memory is not a chart... the memory instead is just a slider-widget representing 0% to 100% usage... which is not so useful.

gkrellm: can you display a chart of the memory usage, yes/no? if yes, how?

  • I can probably use gnome-system-monitor and change the sampling period to 1 or 10 minutes. But I asked the question because I wanted to use gkrellm. – Trevor Boyd Smith Oct 29 '20 at 15:38
  • I wish there was a plugin that could graph the output of any shell command. We could ask it to plot the output of awk '/^Active:/ { print $2 }' /proc/meminfo – joeytwiddle Jan 19 at 15:15
  • Oh, I have found a plugin called gkrellm-fchart that can read data from a file, but it looks like I must run the data collection command independently. – joeytwiddle Jan 19 at 15:25

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