All the examples I have seen on the Internet are creating a snapshot of a subvolume inside of that subvolume, like below. Is there any reason for that? Why don't create a snapshot outside of that subvolume?


# btrfs subvolume snapshot /btrfs/SV1 /btrfs/SV1/SV1-snap
Create a snapshot of '/btrfs/SV1' in '/btrfs/SV1/SV1-snap'


# btrfs subvolume snapshot /btrfs/sub1 /btrfs/sub1/snapshot

I have tested creating two snapshots like that, but the second snapshot included the first snapshot like below. As I keep creating more snapshots it will only look more complicated.

enter image description here

Why not create snapshots like

btrfs subvolume snapshot /btrfs/SV1 /btrfs/SV1-snap1
btrfs subvolume snapshot /btrfs/SV1 /btrfs/SV1-snap2

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It's really a matter of preference. Personally, I don't create a snapshot of a subvolume inside of the subvolume I'm snapshotting. BTRFS is fine with it, but I find it confusing.

I use the method you suggested: btrfs subvolume snapshot /btrfs/SV1 /btrfs/SV1-snap1

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