I am trying to get my own custom Linux on a Raspberry Pi 4B. My status is this:

I built the Linux 5.9.1 version, and have my own version of U-Boot, RFS with which I am able to successfully load and start the kernel, mount RFS, as well as reach the Kernel console also. The device tree binary I used here was one which I built in the Kernel environment using the .dts, .dtsi files for bcm2711 (and a few dependencies which popped up during the build) that I took from Raspberry Pi GITHub Linux page

Now I later discovered that for my purpose I had to use Linux 5.6.19 and so I downloaded that and built it too. I decided to use the same .dtb, but strangely now I don't go beyond the step of Starting Kernel... (See screenshot) enter image description here

Is the device tree binary specific for every Kernel version that we intend to use?

If yes, What should I do to get the files specific for Linux 5.6.19 version? I tried using the version from rpi-5.6.y branch on the Raspberry Pi GitHub - it did not help.

Thanks in advance.

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afaik device tree is specific for every kernel version.

e.g. for arm platform, based on your kernel config you will find dtbs here


However, looking at the prompt my hunch is you are missing kernel bootargs

You can stop the booting at the u-boot and double check the u-boot's env for kernel bootargs

If you can provide printenv output in the u-boot, I can tell you more information about that...

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