I like to override the ASCII output in zsh with custom characters. 0x30 wouldn't be then '0' but for example 'Б'. I don't want just to substitute characters, but to change pixels through custom character defintions. Maybe in the drivers or in the encodings?


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What terminal are you using?

You’re asking how to change the font used by the terminal.

If you’re using a terminal emulator in a windowing system (like xterm or similar), you can usually do this through a menu.

If you’re on the console virtual terminal of a *nix machine, that might require compiling the font data into the kernel.

  • I'm using a virtual terminal on arch.
    – marius
    Commented Oct 25, 2020 at 21:56

It looks like you have just invented the font. However it may be that the unicode drawing characters will be a better fit for what you are trying to do.

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