I have tried to upgrade a few 11.3 base jails to 11.4 on my FreeNAS server running FreeBSD 11.3. I used:

iocage upgrade -r 11.4-RELEASE my-jail-name

Some of the jails were failing with etcupdate failed! Rolling back snapshot message. When I tried running etcupdate manually, both inside the jail, and from the outside using iocage exec I got a further message: Failed to build new tree. What is wrong?


It turns out the reason the /usr/local/sbin/etcupdate script was failing was because it was protecting some files from being deleted by setting a chflags schg system immutable flag, see line 213 of that script:

chflags -R noschg $1 >&3 2>&1 || return 1

Unfortunately, it was unable to clear that flag further on, and lines 265-266 were erring with Operation not permitted:

chflags -R noschg $1 >&3 2>&1
rm -rf $1 >&3 2>&1

This is because even though the jail had the necessary allow_chflags setting on, its securelevel was at the default value of 2 which allows for schg to be set, but it does not allow for it to be unset.

To fix this, I needed to change the jail's securelevel to 0 temporarily, making sure allow_chflags is on, then the iocage upgrade worked. After the upgrade I changed back the securelevel to the more secure, default value of 2.

I am posting this here in case it helps somebody else.

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