I have 3 folders f1, f2 and f3.

How can I move every file from f1 and f2 that the dates are from the 22 jun 2016 till the 21 of september 2018 to the folder f3, in one command maybe using mv?

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Since you've tagged with I am going to assume GNU tools

find f1 f2 -maxdepth 1 -type f -newermt 2016-06-22 ! -newermt 2018-09-21 -exec echo mv -t f3 {} +

I may have the dates wrong by ±1 day on each side - please check this and adjust accordingly. When you are happy you can see that the mv command has received the correct files, remove the echo prefix.

  • thanks it worked like a charm
    – hamza1QAT
    Oct 13, 2020 at 23:24

With zsh:

autoload age
mv (f1|f2)/*(.e[age 2016-06-22 2018-09-21]) f3/

(note that it matches on files (regular files only with the . glob qualifier) last modified between the start of those 2 days. If you also want to move the files modified any time on 2018-09-21, you'll need to change the second date to 2018-09-22).

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