Suppose a printer is disconnected either by power failure or by network failure,

When I give it this command lp -d printername my_file.txt the print job would be on hold, so lpstat -W "not-completed" command would show me something like this:

printername-146633            myuser           39936   fri 09 oct 2020 12:29:08 -03

In this case, 146633 is the job id. What I want is to tell anotherprinter to come for the rescue. In this case, what would be the command?

I was imagining something like lp --job-id 14633 --redirect-to anotherprinter. Is there any command that would do basically this?

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    Yes, there is lpmove. – waltinator Oct 10 '20 at 0:29
  • Thank you so much! – Aleksandrus Oct 10 '20 at 23:14

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