Ive followed the instructions here (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTesting) now i have the testing branch active and i pulled a lot of new stuff, so far so good.

Unfortunatelly, i somewhat now lost access to packages.

Example: sudo apt install tilix # <-- package name could not be found.

So i removed backports etc and replaced it with testing.

Why do i loose now access to lots of GNU tools + Extras?


Depending on the state of various transitions, packages may not be available in Debian testing. Packages are also removed if they are buggy; this is why tilix isn’t available.

One possible solution is to also configure the unstable repositories; this is what the “Best practices for Testing users” section on the wiki recommends. That won’t necessarily help with buggy packages, but that’s what you get for helping to develop the next release of Debian (thanks!).

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