I went to the MX Linux website and their "Direct Download" linked me to their Sourceforge downloads page. I selected the first option - MX-19.2_September_x64.iso then checked the download using this utility.

MX website lists this -

Checksums and signatures of Final ISOs

md5sum: 6f5b12f9147bf457286e27196c501390
sha256: 187781c59394d086f347b00afe2f75e38e18a1044624998939c8403b40d4975e

md5sum: a8f62099a9567e146108c51457183ad3
sha256: 7cf6d7dafe8200e7553f3548121eac077e87f891b5cdb939c0b677b9d7720e4c

md5sum: 01435f705690c1bddfe3abf0921d0168
sha256: 20611c53c0015b1f2fc6eee4b6ef43a6738eeada50c66f7e66a5c88dd68fe763

md5sum: 065b1b9e1b798e776553778cebf48161
sha256: 0464b9ea35a3254eacc0a62eb64e36ba9a85591767cc6fd858f21a9617aedc66

The SHA256 (and MD5) I got after running the utility doesn't match the string given on MX's website. Am I testing it wrong or is the ISO not genuine?

  • Can you testit directly on a linux md5sum file ? or try with other checksum tools ? re download them maybe ? – Archemar Oct 8 '20 at 14:11
  • It looks like he's not running Linux. – Artem S. Tashkinov Oct 8 '20 at 14:12
  • @Archemar I ran the "sha256sum" command on linux and it returned the same string as the utility's I used. Doesn't match the string on MX's website. – SonOfEl Oct 8 '20 at 14:30

You are doing it right! Here is what I got for MX-19.2_September_x64.iso from the "Snapshots" directory:

$ md5sum MX-19.2_September_x64.iso
e1c424823243b3b5371953b22bc2307c  MX-19.2_September_x64.iso
$ sha256sum MX-19.2_September_x64.iso
340ed960ac91e6c52f845278a4f2b751af7ce458f8ba126a3076564b5f8b1cef  MX-19.2_September_x64.iso

But the checksums on the website are not for MX-19.2_September_x64.iso, which is a monthly snapshot of the MX Linux. The checksums on the website are for MX-19.2_x64.iso from the "Final" directory:

$ md5sum MX-19.2_x64.iso
a8f62099a9567e146108c51457183ad3  MX-19.2_x64.iso
$ sha256sum MX-19.2_x64.iso
7cf6d7dafe8200e7553f3548121eac077e87f891b5cdb939c0b677b9d7720e4c  MX-19.2_x64.iso

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