I used google-chrome name.pdf to open my file in Chrome, but it output an error message as below:

1007/010233.322709:ERROR:nacl_helper_linux.cc(308)] NaCl helper process running without a sandbox! Most likely you need to configure your SUID sandbox correctly

Although the browser did open my file, the process didn't seem to end correctly (no new prompt for more than 10 sec after the error message showed up), so I had to ctrl C.

I've tried to use --no-sandbox and --disable-setuid-sandbox, but they didn't work for me. The error remained the same. When I followed online documentation and tried build/update-linux-sandbox.sh, another error came up

bash: build/update-linux-sandbox.sh: No such file or directory

I'm relatively new to Linux. Now what should I do about it?

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