I have this graphics card in my Dell laptop:

GPU: NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 1060, Max-Q Design, 6 GB GDDR5/X VRAM

which has the basic specification as follows, and should be capable of handling hardware decoding of a high-resolution video (I hope):

GeForce GTX 1060 specs

I really like the simplicity of my current video player: Celluloid, but in Linux Mint 20.0 it does not use hardware acceleration by default.

This is highly annoying, and also I think a CPU waste, the fan goes to a loud mode while playing a 60GiB 4K (UHD) MKV movie as an example, CPU while playing this one:

60GiB 4K (UHD) MKV movie playback

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Celluloid I found, is based on MPV, thus I found relevant HW acceleration options on MPV help. I read nvdec and nvdec-copy options both seem relevant, but it actually can auto-detect the nvdec-copy when in Celluloid GUI preferences you put this line:


Celluloid hwdec=auto-safe

After this adjustment, my CPU cooler fan got a lot easier on ears, as proven by CPU usage:

CPU usage with Nvidia HW acceleration turned on


Hardware Video Acceleration section of Linux Mint official blog article.

Check for HW acceleration from inside the Celluloid player:

You can press i while playing to confirm what acceleration got enabled if any.

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