I have a Remix Mini with 2 GB RAM, 16GB internal storage (14.3GB actual size) and it's based on arm64 (aarch64) architecture. I'm going to replace this with Linux because I'm trying to convert this machine to a Minecraft server, so that I can let players join a 24 hours running server. So I have a question. Is there actually such a thing as a nice tutorial about replacing Android with Linux on a Remix Mini? So can I? Is it possible? I know it's possible. Do not say impossible in an answer, unless you are 100% sure about your solution. I know. When I tried everything like Linux Deploy, userLAnd, Anlinux (Termux) I found that the only thing now i can do is replacing Android with Linux on the Remix Mini.

My experience with Linux Deploy:

It's the most trash garbage app ever made for Android. Why did I say this? Because it's a piece of trash to begin with. First I rooted my device and thanks to the XDA developer who helped me to do it, and then I installed Busybox, then I checked that the kernel version is correct and meets requirements, it's (3.19.70) then I started the Linux. After installation I got error from running vnc: chmod not found. What the hell was that?

I just commented a question on their GitHub and they said: your kernel is old and it must be 3.2 or you can't do anything, so I just put Linux Deploy out of my mind into the trash so I know it's the minimum requirements (3.0), but they said at GitHub it's (3.2). Let's actually throw this piece of garbage out of our minds.

My experience with Termux (no Anlinux):

I successfully installed Java from source package, then I started the server and all my dreams have been ruined by a /tmp permissions error. after that I used the chmod to give read and write permissions to /tmp directory then I got the same error, even when my /tmp is open.

My experience of working with userLAnd (Linux VM)

It's goddamn slow and it used 71% of memory. Who is stupid enough to run a 120 player Minecraft server with almost 200MB of memory! OK yeah, I'm pretty sure, I'm not.

My experience of working with Anlinux (Termux).

The same thing as -->userLAnd, over 80% memory usage and yeah everyone, no way. I give up.

Then I made this huge forum maybe I found someone to help me make my dreams true, so can I install a Linux distro on a Remix Mini Android base device? Can someone help me? I mean like (Ubuntu Touch, etc.).

  • Why don't you boot any Linux distro in chroot yourself? I've been running Ubuntu, Debian, ArchLinux and VoidLinux on my Android devices this way for years. Nov 15, 2020 at 15:48
  • @IrfanLatif can u teach me how?, maybe can u answer it in steps down below, so i know how to do this & setup linux on my android device?
    – kalix
    Jan 1, 2021 at 10:10

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I am not expert, but you should install again termux, vnc and andronix, after installation you should be able install majority things such as normal PC, I recommend debian, it have small packages and relative small bug. I use it for programing in golang, c++,java, python and rust. Although it has limit RAM and it has 7.5G, it is fantastic when I haven t PC, for example I have jetbrains on it!

  • OP is asking for a tutorial or step by step actions.
    – number9
    Apr 20, 2021 at 20:52

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