One of our client has Redhat 5.6 and he is asking to update only the important packages.

But question is how do we know which are the important packages.

Note:: It will be a partial Update not complete update.

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    Any update issued by RedHat intended to be part of 5.6 will be important. – bahamat Jan 14 '13 at 16:00
  • Just tell them that after a detailed analysis "this is the list of important packages, and BTW this other bunch has to be updated for dependencies" (for some semi-random split into important/dependency). Do learn from Dilbert [I might be misattibuting]: "A consultant is somebody who you pay a lot of money to tell you what you knew all along". You can cite me as expert, if you want ;-) – vonbrand Jan 22 '13 at 0:13

Take a look at the yum-security package which is the "Yum plugin to enable security filters". From the package info:

This plugin adds the options --security, --cve, --bz and --advisory flags to yum and the list-security and info-security commands. The options make it possible to limit list/upgrade of packages to specific security relevant ones. The commands give you the security information.

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